Representing your Brand

Is your brand being represented in the UK?

Solocrafts successfully markets, represents and distributes brands within the United Kingdom. We are always available to work closely with you, to ensure your brand is being successfully sold within the United Kingdom, and to give you as much exposure as possible in the craft and hobbies industry.


Your brand will be advertised and promoted in all major retail and trade craft and hobby magazines ensuring both sectors are aware of, and later trust in, your brand. Our trade customers are supported and helped as much as possible by us to sell your brand.

SoloCrafts exhibits at all major cross stitch and needlecraft exhibitions including the Craft Hobby + Stitch International show. We actively market your brand at these events to both shop and website retailers.


Where possible your entire range will be distributed by us and will be in stock and ready to be purchased by the trade market. In todays marketplace we believe it is of high importance to ensure your range is quickly available to be supplied to the trade and we do everything we can to ensure this is possible.


If you are interested in knowing more of how we can help support you and your brand please do send us a message.